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Published: 14th February 2011
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PHP commonly known as "PHP Hypertext Preprocessor" these days was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995 and earlier meant Personal Home Page before PHP version 3.0 came into begin with rewriting of parser and fixing lots of bugs in the earlier version.

PHP open source server side scripting and programming language provides web developers and web programmers with lots of instruments for web development and customization. PHP is best suited for developing dynamic websites as it allows easy insertion in HTML code and database connectivity to MYSQL and PgSQL Databases. First version powered by ZendEngine was PHP 4 and herewith superglobals was introduced. With PHP 5 OOPs was introduced. PHP 6 version offers Unicode or multibyte strings.

Whether we talk about php software development, php programming or php application development or outsourcing PHP; php server side scripting language is very commonly used language. Range of PHP solutions that custom web development company in India offers include: business applications, business software, CRM development, classified ads, website maintenance, auction, web portals, dynamic websites, communities, social networks, ecommerce, real estate development, shopping carts, online marketplaces, content management, online storage, CRM, helpdesk, newsletter, online accounting software and other custom PHP web solutions.

Custom web application development ensures web solution that is of high quality, customer-centric, on-time, within-budget centered needs needful task by web developers; also provides you develop cross-browser, high-performance solution. Delivering bespoke software solutions leveraging latest web technologies at their best. The web developers India are highly experienced and they develop quality web applications in lesser time and at affordable cost. Many bespoke web design development companies offer PHP web hosting plans and clients opting for web development and hosting support together get opportunity to configure PHP as per their specific requirements and this helps web developers to configure PHP more easily rather than using dedicated solution.

PHP tools are extremely useful in custom web application development few are debugging tools (webgrind, DBG, MacGDBp, PHP_Dyn); testing tools (PHPUnit, Selenium); optimizing tools (PHP Profile Class); documentation tools (PHP DOX, phpDocumentor); security tools (PHP-IDS, Secureimage); Image Manipulation Graphs (PHP/SWF charts, pChart); php code beautifier (GeSHi, PHP Beautifier); version control system (xinc, Phing); useful extensions, utilities and classes (SimplePie, Creole, htmlSQL, Phormer, PHP User Class); php online tools and resources (MinifyHTTP StaticMerger, gotAPI/PHP); in-browser tools (FirePHP, PHP manual search); PHP frameworks (CodeIgniter, Dwoo, YII framework, PEAR, Zend, Qcodo, Smarty, CakePHP); PHP IDEs and Editors (PHPEclipse, PHPED, Zend Studio).

Website users have specific need and your website should best serve these needs. So, a PHP programming development company plays crucial role in website requirement gathering stage, moving to cost estimation, documentation, prototype and functionality, coding, design optimization, integration, testing, debugging, deployment and maintenance. Custom web development companies provide their customers with consistent and high quality web development services, cost-effective website design solutions, website maintenance, complex database integration and e-commerce website design solutions, content management system solutions.

If you are looking for a website that custom fits your business needs then you are at right place, just hire a php development company and get unique business identity. Custom web applications developed using off-the-applications and custom software will render the complete web solution.

Get scalable web solutions at affordable web development cost. PHP development company offers php software development, php mysql programming by team of dedicated web developers for clients across the globe from different industry sectors.

Resource Box: Rakhi Chowdhary is a SEO executive and web analyst in India.
Open Source Development is a PHP web development company that employ dedicated php developers, skilled php programmers who develops high quality php-mysql based web applications at affordable cost in an expedient manner. Custom web Development Company with team of expert web developer assures solutions that are highly scalable, robust and functional.

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